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Oh, why not? :)

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Hello guys

Hello been missing in action of late. However I’ve been to the gym 3 days running and I’m going again today! Fuck it feels so good!

  • Me: Hey I just met you
  • Me: And this is crazy
  • Me: But since you are a fitblr and i'm a fitblr we should totally meet up somewhere and go on a nice long run and then do some yoga and drink green tea and eat some luna bars
  • Me: so call me maybe


So running this morning was good. I got out to breath real quick though. But I guess that’s just because I need to get used to it! :D

Early bird!

Wow, so it’s 6am. I’m just getting up. Going for my first ever run. Wish me luck. :D


Just bought some nike running shoes, adidas top and pants, whos going to be up at 6am for a run, this girl right here, yep me!!!

Excited but nervous, never ran outside before eek!!!

Any tips?